We facilitate Change & create Trust.

Implementing an inspiring picture of the future, an appealing vision, is essential for human beings to go along with a change. With the support of a clear picture of the future and "we are on the way"-stories you will enlist human beings for acting jointly towards a common goal.

Consulting, development of strategy and concept in Change Management processes, in Change Communication, in internal Communication.

We nudge Corporate Culture.

"Which behaviour, which bunch of values do we need in future in our company, in our group, to be successful?" Putting the answer into simple, clear and graspable words is the first step of a cultural change. With the support of nudges, well thought-out impulses relevant to human being's behaviour, a cultural change can be achieved without large-scaled processes. In MakeSenseMeetings behavioural change is activated additionally on the sensory level.

Corporate Culture, Corporate Values, Vision.

We support & safeguard Reputation.

The call of trustworthiness helps humans to decide in a complex world. Achieving a good reputation means proving competence, values, emotional appeal. If one dimension isn't respected, this preciousness won't evolve. HEIDI KALB VOGEL advises companies in their reputation, as well as persons whose reputation is negotiated in the public.

Reputation Management, Reputation Design in New Markets, CEO Reputation, Communication in Reputational Damage cases.